Taya Kyle won recent charity match against champion marksman

Taya Kyle, the widow of the legendary “American Sniper” Chris Kyle recently won a charity match against a champion marksman, clinching the competition with a 2,100 yard shot.

The American Sniper Shootout pitted the novice shooter Kyle against NRA World Champion Bruce Piatt - who fought off stiff competition from 150 competitors in September to win his world title.

It sounds like it should be a walk in the park for Piatt, who was aiming to take home the $1million prize. However, Mrs Kyle was using TrackingPoint, a precision guided system for firearms that claims to make the impossible shots possible. It does so by incorporating the same technology that can be found in high tech military fighter jets!

It seemed to work out well for Kyle, as she hit 100% of her shots, which saw her achieve a total of 10,140 points, granting her the title of champion.

The whole event did, however, benefit the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation, which saw $500,000 (£330,000) raised thanks to the event. The aim of the foundation is to help military veterans when they return home from active service, and help them reconnect to their families by taking away the distractions of day to day life.

Piatt was reported as being gracious in defeat, despite missing out on the $1 million prize.

It is great that the event was a success in raising money for the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation, and commiserations to Piatt on being pipped to the post. If you would like to practice some target shooting for yourself, whether it be with an air rifle or an air pistol, why not take a look at the range of products on our website, or come and visit us instore today?