GF Point 2015 Gunfire Poland Event Expo Exhibition Exhibitors Airsoft Air Guns Airsofting Airsofters | Foreign Overseas Video Trailer Guns Shooting | Surplus Store Cheap Airsoft Guns Air Rifles For Sale UK OnlineThe organisers of annual Airsoft event GF Point have released a teaser video, with just a fortnight to go until the event takes place.

The event is an annual airsoft orienteering event which is well-known across Europe. The event takes place in Poland and in recent years has become more and more popular with airsofters from across the continent.

While there are already people heading to the event from across Europe the teaser video is a last ditch attempt to attract even more people, as well as hype the excitement.

It was first created six years ago, at a time when airsoft rallies were common - and Gunfire offered something completely different.

The new kind of event has now managed to stand the test of time, gained unparalleled popularity in the airsoft community and is now a fixture on the calendar. Each year the event sells out its starter packs in the blink of an eye and the event is now considered to be a cult one by many.

So if you haven’t already got plans to head out, and can afford a short notice trip to Poland, why not treat yourself to a trip to an epic event to start 2015 in style? If you are heading along then let us supply you with our airsoft guns for sale UK!

The organisers have made a number of changes to the event formula this year and it promises to keep evolving year on year, with more attractions and more entertainment promised.

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Watch the video here.