The Hateful Eight trailer arrives, full of guns similar to Umarex Colt Peacemaker

The trailer for Quentin Tarantino’s greatly anticipated eighth (and rumoured to be his final) film The Hateful Eight has finally arrived, showing a glimpse into this alternative western.

Staring a plethora of Hollywood icons, including Tarantino favourites Samuel L Jackson, Tim Roth and Michael Madson, it follows a group of eight westerners in a post-civil war Wyoming who seek shelter in a stagecoach stopover on a mountainside from an incoming blizzard.

While they may be safe from the outdoor elements, they soon become embroiled in a plot full of deceit and betrayal, as it is said in the trailer “One of them fellas is not what he says he is.”

As with any Tarantino film, excessive violence is to be expected, and with the amount of times you see a gun cocked in the two minute trailer, The Hateful Eight does not look to be any different! The whole film has also been shot using 70mm film, which offers a much better picture, but is notoriously more expensive to use.

The film is scheduled for a Christmas 2015 cinema release, and if you are yet to see the trailer, it can be watched here:

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