Quadcopter equipped with pistol, upgrade from airsoft guns – Surplus Store Crawley

A recent video has surfaced showing a drone which has been fitted to fire a semi-automatic pistol firing off a few shots, with unknown results.

In the video, the quadcopter hovers with the .22LR pistol attached to the front, and fires a total of four shots. You can see the muzzle flash and the bullet casing ejecting after the shots, so it would seem to be pretty legitimate that it is a genuine pistol.

It hovers a short distance off the ground, fires, and gets hit with some pretty hefty recoil. The controller seems to be in good control of quadcopter, which then flies a short distance before the video finishes.

A drone shooting a gun isn’t unusual, but this seems to be one of the first homemade drones firing anything other than airsoft guns. It would also seem to be very illegal, but America loves to push the boundaries!

The video has racked up over two million views in under two weeks, and seems to be dividing opinions on whether or not they like the idea of a flying death machine…

One comment very astutely notes that “S**t like this makes the future scary”, whilst there are also a good number of comments about Skynet!

After watching the video, we’re pretty sure that John Connor and the human race are pretty safe for now! If you are interested in watching the video for yourself, it can be found here.



YouTube Screenshot from Hogwit video