The Walking Dead Apocalypse logo, where you use modified airsoft guns to shoot zombies

There are many zombie experiences that occur both in the UK and across the pond, but now an officially licensed experience from The Walking Dead is coming to a city (hopefully) near you!

The Walking Dead Apocalypse is being described as a “live action, video game-like zombie shooting experience”, where you have the opportunity to clear out hoards of the undead.

Each person will be equipped with a RIF M4 airsoft gun that has been fitted with a laser, features muzzle flash and offers 30% of the recoil of the real gun, just to add to the experience.

The “zombies” are then played by real actors, who are equipped with laser sensors on their heads that will flash to indicate a hit. However, you must be aware that zombies take more than one hit to be stopped completely.

Three locations have been announced for the event, taking place in Surrey, Kidderminster and Derby. Each location has three different missions of varying difficulty, depending on how good you and your crew are at clearing out the walkers.

The tickets for the events go on sale at midday on Friday 24th June, so if you are looking to attend one of the events, you’d better be prepared as they sold out in less than an hour last time!

Take a look at the website below for more details, and a brief video showcasing what the day will be like, and if you are going to attend, happy hunting!


The Walking Dead Apocalypse Logo courtesy of The Walking Dead Apocalypse on YouTube