A bowl of pellets to be used in Surplus Store air rifles and other air guns

When it comes to purchasing an air gun, whether you are looking at air rifles or air pistols, there are a few aspects you should consider before making your purchase. We have taken a look at a few of these aspects below:


What is your intended purpose for the air gun? It may be a singular use, or a combination of reasons, but it may also sway your final decision. You may be looking to specifically use an air gun for target shooting, you may require it for pest control or perhaps a combination of the two.

Knowing the answer to this will help steer you in the right direction, as most air guns are designed for a specific purpose in mind. It is true to a certain degree that most air rifles can be used for any purpose, but those who are experienced in air gun shooting will know it will be better to buy for your intended use.


Are you a seasoned shooter, or are you a total novice? There are a good deal of “starter guns” out there, which are tailored towards those who may not have a lot of previous experience in shooting. There is no shame in choosing one of these and then building your way up to a gun that may need a bit more experience to handle. The majority of air guns will have some form of recoil, which can cause the gun to jump upon firing. The more seasoned of you will be able to handle this, but it may come as a shock to new shooters. PCP guns will produce less recoil, whereas spring powered can pack quite the kick, so this may sway your decision.

Shooting Distance

How far will you be shooting? The lighter powered air guns are perfect for shorter range target shooting, but as the distance increases, so must the power. It is also worth noting that if you are looking to use your air gun for pest control, the higher powered gun the better, as to make it humane.

As we have already mentioned, for the less experienced shooters out there, starting small and working your way up is probably the best approach, same for distance. Start with closer targets, and as you get more experienced and learn about the gun, work your way up. You can always upgrade your gun as you get more experienced!

Other things worth considering are more cosmetic issues, such as materials and details. Some shooters will prefer wooden guns with beautiful carvings, whereas others may prefer synthetic materials. The shape may also say some people’s decision, after all, we are all individuals!

If you have any questions regarding which air gun is correct for you, or are just looking to discuss your options, please do not hesitate to contact us!