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Do you ever think that sitting on your bed with a controller in your hand, being killed by twelve year olds on Call of Duty, with them unleashing a torrid amount of abuse about your mother can get tedious?

Would you like the opportunity to put your skirmish skills to good use, and test how accurate you really are with an airsoft rifle in your hand? Well now you can!

Korean company Uzbrainnet have unveiled what they are calling the world’s first FPS gun controller at the recent GDC (Game Developers Conference) in San Francisco this week.

This little device is named the Rail-Gun, and the concept uses the company’s motion-sensing technology to replace a mouse and keyboard with something a bit more hands on.

You get physical feedback from the gun, quick response from movements and surprisingly good accuracy! The best thing about it is the fact it comes in four parts that can attach to nearly any variety of airsoft weapons with accessory rails.

Of course you should always check to make sure your rifle is empty before gaming; we’ve all see what happens when a Wii-mote hits a TV, just imagining full auto unleashing hell is enough to bring a tear to your eye!

It must also be noted that it might not make it to the UK (we hope it does!) due to the legal situation surrounding RIF’s. However if it does, we may suggest you play with your curtains closed so your RIF is out of view… Commando rolls are also optional but encouraged!

Below is a link of the gun in action, alongside virtual reality technology of a rather average looking Half Life 2 player. Check it out and let us know what you think! Just don’t ask us how to pronounce the title, as Korean isn’t a strong point for us here at Surplus Store!