Air weapon satellite orbiting above Earth The U.S. Military is preparing to deploy a new form of solider in order to protect their country, taking advantage of the limitless vacuum of outer space… No, really! The men and women of the Space Mission Force will be trained by the U.S. Air Force to control militarised satellites which will orbit above Earth, in the event of large-scale warfare. Sounding like something straight out of Star Wars, the plan was introduced by Air Force Gen. John Hyten, which aims to train a military force capable of operating “air weapons” in the form of militarised satellites floating in space, and includes four to six months’ worth of training. The Air Force currently have a fighting force known as Space Command (not to be confused with Buzz Lightyear’s Star Command!) which is capable of deploying the military satellites in orbit above Earth. However, this new initiative will increase the number trained personnel capable of controlling said satellites. If conflict were to erupt, the area directly above the planet known as low Earth orbit would likely turn into a combat zone, with countries trying to deny each other the use of their own satellites. With the U.S. Military relying heavily on their own satellites to provide GPS locations for both friendly and enemy units, worldwide communication and providing real-time information to the Pentagon, it is important that they do as much as they can to protect their valuable assets. Earlier this year, the Defence Department set aside $5 billion to invest in space technology, with $2 billion of this to be used on offensive satellites that could be used to fight a war in space. What do you think of these plans? Let us know in the comments section on Facebook!