Dan using the G&G SRL airsoft rifles in range at Surplus Store Crawley

We have another video overview for you, this time looking at the G&G SR systems, which come in three variants; short (SRS), long (SRL) and extra-long (SRXL).

As ever, our man Gun Tech Dan gives you the ins and outs of the airsoft rifles, including materials, features and alternative firing modes.

The great thing about these rifles is their value for money. You get the G&G quality, but at a price that is much more affordable. These are the only rifles that come with the advanced mosfet as standard in this price range, and have fantastic build quality.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a video if Dan didn’t get his hands on one of the rifles in the gun range! Opting for the SRL, he demonstrates how to switch firing modes, before unleashing with remarkable accuracy (he didn’t ask us to write that, promise!).

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The three rifles are linked back to our website in the description section of the video, so why not head over and look at picking up one for yourself?