Dan with new airsoft guns UK G&G GC16 Predator rifle

We really do love treating our customers here at Surplus Store, so we have put together a video a video overview of the brand spanking new G&G GC16 Warthog, Wildhog and Predator airsoft rifles.

Our gun tech Dan has once again got his hands on the new kit (child in a sweetshop doesn’t even come close to his excitement!) and gives the rifles a once over.

The Warthog and Wildhog rifles are the perfect mid-range airsoft rifle, which act as a step up from the CM16 series of AEG’s, perfect for the airsofter who wants to take a step up from beginner, but isn’t quite at the Top Tech version just yet.

The heavy duty Predator rifle has a nice, aggressive looking front, complete with flash hider for a low visibility profile.

All guns in the three styles come with the new G&G electronic trigger unit, which can programme the gun to switch between three round burst first, and fully automatic, simply by holding the trigger down for 10 seconds. This helps the gun to mould to your style of play.

Pre-programmed MOSFET chips are fitted as standard, to stop discharge issues, and the E.T.U. has been designed to prevent trigger burn out, whilst offering a faster trigger response.

Dan goes over the ins and outs, noticeable differences, and demonstrates how to change fire rates in the video, which can be found on the Surplus Store channel here: https://youtu.be/Mo6nFS1I33E.

All of the new GC16 series, along with our other airsoft guns (UK based) can be found on our website, so why not head over and take a look?