USS Thach, recently used for target practice during naval operation The USS Thach was first launched in December 1982 with the task to provide anti-air, anti-surface and anti-submarine protection for naval forces, convoys and other military and merchant ships. After being decommissioned in 2013, it was homeported in San Diego where it became part of Destroyer Squadron 23. However, as part of this year’s RIMPAC - the Rim of the Pacific Exercise – it was decided that the USS Thach was to have a sea burial and would be used as target practice during the military training exercise. The ship was stripped of anything explosive and/or flammable before being towed out to sea, off the coast of Kauai in Hawaii, where it was to face a barrage of missiles and bombs to send it to Davey Jones’ locker. What was perhaps the biggest surprise is just how long it took for the mighty ship to sink. Despite being hit by at least four anti-ship missiles, bombs, Hellfire missiles and a torpedo from ships and aircrafts from the U.S., Australia and South Korea, it took 12 hours for the USS Thach to finally succumb and disappear into the briny depths. The Thach’s sister ship, the Crommelin, was also sunk as part of the exercise. If you are looking to test your own aim, why not take a look at our range of air rifles and targets, and try your own hand at target shooting? Take a look at the video below of the Thach taking a beating before finally succumbing to the punishment: