Hatsan AT44-10 PCP rifle, one of many air guns favoured for pest control

There are many varieties of air rifles, all of which have their own strengths and weaknesses. When it comes to keeping control of small pests, the pre-charged pneumatic, or PCP air rifle has started to become the favourite of many rural and urban pest controllers alike. But why is it favoured?

Discreet, but packs a punch

The PCP can be almost silent when shooting, and is extremely accurate from the shorter distances required to dispatch a pest. Due to the low recoil of the rifle, you can get a great deal more shots per charge when compared to a CO2 rifle for example. Having originally been designed for big game during the 17th century, and even used by Austrian snipers during the 18th century, you can be sure your PCP rifle will have a fair degree of stopping power.

PCP vs Spring

When air rifles were first created, they were very heavily dominated by spring rifles. However, as the years have gone on, different variations of rifles have come into circulation. When comparing a PCP to a spring in terms of pest control, the PCP is a more consistent shot, more accurate, generally lighter and can be silenced more effectively than other rifles. A number of PCP rifles can also be magazine fed, meaning there is no pause to reload if you were to miss a shot, generally making it a better-rounded gun.

Pellet choice

As discussed in a previous post, there are a wide variety of pellet shapes to choose, and can vary depending on preference and purpose of use. However, many agree that for hunting small pests, a dome head pellet should be used. They are generally more accurate than their pointed counterparts, and require less energy to allow them to expand than hollow points on impact. However, many aspects such as shooters skill, distance from target and wind may affect pellet choice.

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