Will Smith in Paris in 2014 – Surplus Store

Will Smith has been caught on film brushing up on his gun training for the upcoming DC film Suicide Squad, where he will be playing the role of Deadshot. He may well be one of the deadliest assassins in the world, but everyone needs practise, right?

During his free time, Smith visited a shooting range in California, where he was practising with the Glock 9mm and the AT-15 competition rifle, whilst he instructor followed him and gave instructions.

The video starts with Smith wielding his sidearm, and looks impressively accurate, with shots that Floyd Lawton himself would proud of! He then moves on to the rifle, and continues to strike targets at a fair distance.

Smith’s co-star Scott Eastwood, youngest son of legendary Clint Eastwood was also spotted at the range dressed in U.S army gear. He has been cast in the film, but is currently unknown what role he is going to play, with speculation increasing after he was sporting the army attire.

Filming started in April, and will run through until August, so it is understandable that Smith wishes to stay sharp! If you would like to see the video for yourself, the version released by TMZ can be watched here.

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Photo courtesy of Forbes, under Creative Commons