2mm Kolibri pistol, which shots are weaker than the average air pistol

Although it is yet to launch officially, some gamers have been able to play Battlefield 1 via EA Access and Origin Access, which has allowed them to root around the game for hidden Easter eggs.

One such discovery was made by YouTuber JackFrags who stumbled across the 2mm Kolibri – the world’s smallest firing gun. It is named after the German word for hummingbird, thanks to its tiny stature.

The gun itself was first patented in 1910 and introduced in 1914 by Austrian watchmaker Franz Pfannl. Initially marketed as a self-defence weapon, around a thousand were built before the outbreak of World War I.

Although, with muzzle energy far less than your typical air pistol, the stopping power of this teeny firearm was pretty questionable – but it did a good job at scaring off stray dogs, which many smaller firearms were used for at the time!

The gif below shows the in-game footage of the gun in action, and it looks pretty crazy. The reload animation is particular is amazing. It’s unclear how the player came across the gun or why it’s even in the game in the first place, but it makes for good watching at least!


Photo courtesy of Staffan Vilcans on Flickr, under Creative Commons