Zombie man as seen at Zombie Outbreak, where guns similar to airsoft guns are used

America like to one-up us Brits with their attractions, and a live-action zombie attraction which opened up just down the road from the Universal Orlando Resort is seeking to do just that.

We have a few zombie-based events run here in the UK, but most only happen a few times a year, whereas Zombie Outbreak is a seven day a week attraction (hence our jealousy!).

For a very reasonable price of $24.95 (just over £17), you get admission into Zombie Outbreak, which allows you to slay the walking undead… But you gotta shoot ‘em in the head!

The 9,400-square-foot facility is the second branch of the Zombie Outbreak franchise, the first being in Wisconsin, and is likened to a real-life video game.

Players have the choice of several different guns, which shoot lasers rather than any projectiles. However, they are realistic in their appearance and weight, and have been likened to RIF airsoft guns.

As you battle your way through the abandoned military research facility past the real-life zombies - portrayed by actors - you are able to keep a track of your stats, in the form of kills vs bites.

Zombies are killed by shooting them in the head – with the actors wearing a special headband to register the laser hits - but can come back to life after eight seconds. Players can also be bitten, and getting within three feet of the zombie will result in you suffering from a bite.

So if anyone is heading over to Orlando anytime soon, make sure you keep an eye out for this, as it is being described as a “once in a lifetime experience”!