Zombie warning sign near Zombie Uprising live action game where airsoft guns are your only defence

The company behind the popular live action zombie game “2.8 Hours Later” sadly ceased to exist, which meant there was a gap in a market.

Thankfully, that gap has been filled by Zombie Uprising, who have introduced their own apocalypse-themed game, giving you the chance to fight for survival against hoards of the undead. 

Players taking part in the game will be gifted with airsoft guns, but only one per person and with a limited amount of ammo, just to add to that authentic end of the world experience!

All the zombies will be played by actors, and the players will have three hours to complete their mission, given out in a pre-game briefing. It has been hinted that the zombies will not be the only obstacles the teams will face, however…

Players will receive weapon training, and then dropped right into the action, being left alone to deal with those unfortunate souls afflicted by the outbreak. If you are caught and infected, you will experience repercussions at the end of the game.

The next Zombie Uprising event takes place in Manchester, in a giant seven story building. There are other locations across the country, each with unique story lines and scenarios, and the operation is looking to expand further! Who knows, the outbreak could spread to your hometown soon…

September 19th will see the game taking place at Wear Mill on the banks of the River Mersey, underneath the Viaducts. More information can be found at www.zombieuprising.co.uk, will you be attending?


Photo courtesy of Todd, under Creative Commons