3D printing strikes again airsoft revolver cheap airsoft guns Surplus Store CrawleyIs there no end to the capability of the 3D printer?! A graphic and product designer from America has used a 3D printer to create his latest project, and he just so happens to be an airsoft fanatic.

Mark Raykhenberg has created what he called “Airsoft Revolver Shotshells”. These beauties contain 6 BB’s each, and will improve the effectiveness of a revolver. No additional work needs to be performed on these shells, and they can be loaded from the front before firing.

With the latest version, the shells can shoot 6 BBs per shot at about 200fps, which means they are fairly accurate within a close proximity of up to 40 feet. When you need to increase your range, all you have to do is decrease the number of BB’s per shell, which will increase range and up the FPS of the projectiles.

Mark has designed these shell cases to fit into the speedloader that comes with the CO2 powered revolvers, as well as the speedloaders designed for .357 chambered revolvers. An example of how the loading and firing works can be seen on a YouTube video from Mark here.

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Photo of Airsoft Shotshells by Mark Raykhenberg, courtesy of 3dprint.com