Do you aspire to be a part of the military? Or are you interested in taking your skirmishes to the next level? Either way, exceptional leadership skills are great life skills to acquire that will have an impact on your everyday life.

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The military is built on a united front that stems from teamwork; as they say, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. If an individual is not fully focused and working as cohesively as their partners, then the negative implications will quickly take effect.

An assortment of personalities and skills that understand the importance of teamwork are the foundations of a successful team.

General Pershing and Marshal Foch, 1917


Soldiers and superiors need to see, hear and believe that you know what to do and when to do it. Your self-confidence will enforce their confidence and trust in you. This will support their decision in following your orders.

Confidence will stem from your ability to make educated decisions. Be willing to learn from others; ask them questions, especially those who may have more experience than you.


Sometimes when being a leader in the military, you will be pushed to your limits. On other occasions it will be demanded from you to obtain what may initially seem as the unreachable; this is where determination plays a key part.

Dedication will drive you through moments where you will need to get your hands dirty and accomplish tasks outside of your scope.


Successful military leaders need to hold themselves accountable to the highest standards and lead by example. It provides the ability for the organisation to preserve resources and time.

Effective leadership does not come from demanding people to do as you say. If you are demanding your troops to complete tasks that you’re late to or not participating in one way or another you will lose their respect. If you are willing to participate and be present during these times, their respect and loyalty for you will develop.

World War 1 officer congratulating soldiers


Inconsistent leaders are said to build fear and mistrust, whereas it's the complete opposite if you have a much more consistent leader. Your followers will naturally be more likely to bring you updates, ideas, alternate approaches and thoughtful analysis.

Not only must disciplinary and rewarding actions remain consistent, but also general behaviour. Factors such as favouritism must be removed from your general practice. This will alter your followers' respect as well as your integrity.

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