Airsoft Skirmish Site Airsoft R Us North Carolina USA | Surplus Store Airsoft Guns For Sale Online UKAn airsoft site in the states is hosting a special Christmas skirmish in aid of charity.

Airsoft R Us Tactical in Burlington, North Carolina, is hosting a special Toys for Tots event this weekend, in the lead up to Christmas.

Players wishing to take part will need to bring with them a toy or toys worth at least $15, which will be donated to the Toys for Tots charity. In return, payers will get to take part in the skirmish free of charge.

Any players wishing to take part who aren’t able to make a donation will need to pay the regular admission charge, which will then be donated to the charity.

Airsoft R Us President Bill Sandford said he was happy to be doing something to help disadvantaged children in the community. “We want to do our best to give back to a community which has helped us to become a successful business,” he said.

The site, which also has a store, has been open and running since July 2012, selling airsoft guns, accessories and more.

It has a history of helping out charities, having previously donated five percent of its profits to Hope Haven Ministries in South Africa and hosted free events for disadvantaged or at risk children.

Image: Christian Campos under Creative Commons