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As I’m sure many of you have asked yourself the burning question of “just how many sheets of cling film will stop an airsoft gun?”

No…? We haven’t either… But one man has taken it upon himself to answer that very question! Comedy YouTuber Megwin has decided to test the theory in his home country of Japan.

He started by building a barrier of one hundred sheets of cling film, wrapped about two supports, which look suspiciously like an upside down table!

One hundred seemed fairly optimistic, as the air pistol they are using doesn’t look like it is the most powerful shot in the world, and bounces quite happily off the one hundred sheets.

He slowly reduces the number of wraps, until it reaches two. The shot still happily bounces off two sheets, much to the delight of Megwin.

He then just uses one sheet, which doesn’t quite go to plan as you could probably imagine! If you are interested in seeing just how Megwin fares against the air pistol, you can have a look at his video here (Warning: features a large amount of self-groping!). He has also tried his luck against an umbrella in the past, but you can probably imagine how that worked out!

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