Airsoft aficionados will know that to achieve the best possible game, must-have equipment doesn’t end with a gun. When you get ready for battle, you’ll want to be fully prepared, whether this means enough ammunition or a range of outdoor camping gear.

What you need in your backpack will depend on whether you are gearing up for an indoor or outdoor event. You should also take the length of the upcoming game into account before loading up your bag.

We’re not going to list off all the primary weapons or protective clothing here, you’ve got that covered! Instead, we’re going to run through all the backpack essentials to ensure that you leave the battleground victorious!

Backup Gun

Whether it’s a secondary sidearm mounted to your belt or a full-on extra AEG you keep back in the safe zone, a backup gun is essential to keeping you moving.

Whilst we don’t recommend doing tear downs in the field, a spare battery and an unjamming rod will be a lifesaver; if an issue arises that can’t be solved by that, swap to your backup and take the faulty gun to a good tech for repairs after the game.

A bb gun against a camouflage background


Picture this: you’ve got the enemy in sight, their guard is down, so you go to shoot…but nothing, you’ve run out of ammunition! Keeping lots of spare ammo in your pack to make sure you have no trouble taking down the opponent when it comes to it is a must.

Bring plenty of BBs and magazines that are the right calibre and size for your weapons. Bringing a little extra can also be helpful if you need to loan a magazine to your ill-prepared teammate in dire straits!


Keeping hydrated during active airsoft games is important. A simple water bottle will do, but for extra efficiency, a water bladder with a mouthpiece can be even better.

The easily accessible mouthpieces on water bladders mean you can drink hands-free while staying ready for action.

It is a good idea to fill bottles or bladders at home so you can get straight to the action when you arrive at the game.

A water bottle


Airsoft is an active game; your body will need lots of fuel to keep on top form. Load up your bag with snacks and energy bars. A packet of trail mix full of nuts, dried fruit, and the odd jelly baby thrown in is always a solid idea and will keep your energy levels high.

Bars with lots of protein and sugar can also be a handy thing to throw in your pack for when you need an on-the-move snack.


The best tactically prepared teams can talk to each other and strategize in real-time. Make sure your radio batteries are fully charged and on the right frequency. Before starting a game, give your radio a quick once-over to check it is working correctly and will serve you well in the field!

Weather Appropriate Gear

If you’re headed to an outdoor event, it is always a good idea to check the weather forecast beforehand. In any case, keeping a collection of weather-appropriate gear in your backpack can help you out if the rain starts to fall or the sun starts shinning when you aren’t expecting it.

A travel-size bottle of sun cream can be a life-saver when you’re trekking around outside all day (even when you’re under cover of trees!)

For the other end of the weather spectrum, rain ponchos and waterproof gloves can be a good fail-safe item to keep tucked away in your pack to save you from getting too soggy.

A man in the woods wearing a raincoat

As you play airsoft more often, you’ll get to know the kind of essential items that will make your experience of the game the best it can possibly be. One of the great things about airsoft is discovering how you adapt to the challenge!

Which items have a top spot in your backpack during every game? Why not let us know on our social media channels?