Airsoft AK47s are the most iconic assault rifles in history. Renowned for its reliability, precision, and distinctive designs, the AK47 has cemented its place as a favourite among airsoft players seeking an exhilarating combat experience. 

If you’re in the market for the ultimate airsoft AK47, look no further. We’ve carefully selected 5 airsoft AK47 replicas to elevate your airsoft game to new heights for the ultimate skirmish. 

someone hiding in the bushes with an airsoft rifle

1. G&G RK74-CQB Airsoft Rifle

In the airsoft world, having the right airsoft rifle can mean the difference between victory and defeat, especially in close-quarters combat (CQB). Introducing the G&G RK74-CQB with ETU 6mm airsoft assault rifle, a powerhouse and precision engineered for intense skirmishes.

Equipped with an electronic trigger unit (ETU), this rifle delivers lightning-fast trigger response and consistent performance, ensuring swift reaction to changing battlefield conditions. Choose from fully automatic or three-round bursts. Whether clearing the area or engaging targets in confined spaces, the RK74-CBQ offers unparalleled control and accuracy.

G&G RK74-CQB With ETU 6mm Airsoft Assault Rifle RIF AEG

2. LCT LCKS74 UN 6mm Airsoft Electric Assault Rifle 


The LCT LCKS74 UN 6mm airsoft electric assault rifle is crafted with meticulous attention to detail and precision engineering, resulting in a rifle that excels in accuracy and reliability. Featuring a complete metal construction and authentic wood stock and foregrip, this replica captures the look and feel of its real steel counterpart. 

Equipped with a high-performance gearbox and powerful motor, the LCT packs a punch that rivals its real-world counterpart. With a 400-round hi-cap magazine and firing at a consistent 330 fps, it has the power to engage out to short-middle range but is still suitable for very short and indoor use - perfect for urban fighting sites and CQB. 


3. Tokyo Marui AK Storm (NGRS) Electric Assault Rifle

Tokyo marui AK storm

The Tokyo Marui AK Storm features a revolutionary recoil shock system, which sets it apart from traditional airsoft rifles. This innovative system mimics the recoil and feedback of a real firearm, providing a level of realism unmatched by other airsoft replicas. 

It features a 90-round steel magazine and is fitted with a cut-off that will stop the gun from firing after the last BB is fired. With a full-length top rail and integrated front and rear sights, this rifle offers ample space for mounting optics and accessories to suit your playstyle. 

how to make your airsoft gun look cooler

4. GHK GK74 AK74 Style 6mm Airsoft Gas Rifle

GHK GK74 AK74 style 6mm airsoft gas rifle

Combining the iconic design of the AK74 with the realism of gas blow-back operation, this rifle offers an unparalleled shooting experience that will elevate your gameplay to new heights. 

What sets the GHK GK74 airsoft gas rifle apart from other airsoft rifles is its gas blow-back operation, which simulates a real firearm's recoil and cycling action. With each shot fired, players feel a satisfying kickback and witness the bolt cycling back and forth, adding a level of realism unmatched by traditional AEGs.

Featuring a 40-round magazine, a very large gas reservoir in the magazine with gas still to spare in the magazine, and an incredibly authentic design.

5. G&G PRK9 6mm Airsoft AEG SMG

G&G PRK9 6mm airsoft AEG SMG

Something a little different is the G&G PRK9 6mm airsoft AEG SMG. Its compact and lightweight design makes it ideal for quickly navigating tight corridors and confined spaces. Its shortened barrel and collapsible stock allow for quick and fluid movements, ensuring you can react swiftly to changing battlefield conditions. 

Don’t let the size fool you - the G&G is full of power! Equipped with an electric gearbox, this SMG delivers consistent and reliable performance with a high rate of fire and impressive muzzle velocity. 

The PRK9 features a very ergonomic grip, picatinny rail sections on its handguard and top dust cover, plus a removable thread protector that shows a 14mm CCW threaded barrel for various muzzle devices. 

someone holding an airsoft gun dressed in camo

Whether you’re storming enemy positions in close-quarters combat or engaging targets from long range, choosing the perfect airsoft gun is essential for achieving success on the battlefield. 

So, not that you have our recommendations, it’s time to gear up, hone your skills, and prepare for action-packed battles! Visit the Surplus Store today to learn more about our air rifles, pistols, and airsoft guns.