As you get more involved in the airsoft community, it quickly becomes evident just how big the customisation scene is. Many players will alter and perfect the look (as well as the functionality) of their airsoft rifles and other weapons over time until they barely resemble what they bought initially! For many, the endless customisation options are one of the key elements that make airsoft so enjoyable.

Customising Your Airsoft Gun

Even if you’re starting with the most budget, entry-level airsoft gun around, there are plenty of ways to make it look cooler, doing your loadout proud. If you’re adding new parts and making upgrades, customising the look of your gun often goes hand in hand with customising its functionality and performance – so you not only get a better-looking gun but a better-working one too. It just takes a bit of imagination and knowing where to begin.

An airsoft player aiming a gun from behind a tree

Paint Your Airsoft Gun

One of the most straightforward ways to get your gun looking better than its out-of-the-box self is by painting it. This might mean painting it to look metallic, or to blend in with natural surroundings, or even painting it with vibrant colours for a completely unique weapon.

Before painting, you will need to clean any dirt or grease from the surface of your gun. You may also want to sand the surface of the gun to give the paint a better chance of sticking. Before putting your spray paint to work, tape off bits of the gun you don’t want to be painted so you can get that nice, precise look.

Painting on a camo design is also popular as it’ll break up the shape of your gun when out among trees, giving you a tactical advantage – you can achieve the same look with gun wraps/tape as well as spray paint. If you’re after that battle-worn and weathered look to add to a character-based or historical loadout, painting your gun is probably the easiest way to achieve this.

A cosplayer in a Stars Wars costume with a painted gun

If you want to buy a Real Imitation Firearm but don’t have a UKARA membership, having the gun painted so it becomes two-tone will also be a necessary step that designates the gun as clearly an airsoft weapon rather than a real one – painting your gun can be a practical decision as well as an aesthetic one.

Wrap Your Airsoft Gun With Camo Tape

You can also get gun tape or vinyl skins to adorn your gun. A vinyl skin will provide a sleek look and smooth finish, while tape may be used for a more rough and ready look. Tape like this can also be pretty easy to remove if you want to change things up.

Camo is usually the go-to print for gun wraps and tapes, but this isn’t to say you couldn’t use a different pattern or design if your loadout is trying to emulate a particular feel.

You can find out more about using camo tape in our guide below.

How and why to wrap a gun using camo tape

Invest in Airsoft Attachments

The other main thing you can do to change the look of your gun fairly significantly is to load it up with attachments and accessories. This might include fitting things like scopes, torches, lasers and sights or getting a new stock or grip.

The rails that allow you to attach airsoft accessories and tactical equipment to your gun can also add a certain aesthetic quality in their own right, changing the silhouette and overall shape of the gun.

Ultimately, combining various attachments helps create an intimidating weapon that’ll make you an impressive presence at your next skirmish. Plus, these accessories aren’t just for show; they can actually help up your game and ensure your aim is accurate.

An airsoft player with a gun with various attachments

Use a Holster or Sling

To finish off your gun setup, you’ll want a cool way to carry it when you’re not actively pointing and shooting.

Holsters and slings for your pistols and rifles are not only practical, allowing you to remain hands-free when you need to, but they can also add a certain cool factor, giving you that action hero feeling as you sneak around the woods or skirmish site.

Building Your Perfect Loadout

When it comes to airsoft, your gun is just one element (albeit the most important one) that you can adapt and customise. Building up the perfect loadout and kitting yourself as well as your gun out with all the best gear is a great way to get really immersed in the game and make the most of all the possibilities.

So, if you want to make yourself look just as cool as your gun, it’s worth looking into things like tactical vests, masks and helmets to enhance your loadout beyond the basic requirements and mandatory protective equipment.

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