Established in 1986 in Taipei, Taiwan, G&G Armament has been a dealer of airsoft guns, actions figures and not to mention military and law enforcement equipment for airsoft and military enthusiasts.

Because of Guay & Guay's technical experience with military and law enforcement equipment, they are able to manufacture a diverse range of high-quality airsoft guns, suited to every player's level and playstyle.

G&G’s Product Launch

Originally, G&G started off as a dealership for airsoft weapon producers. However, in 2001 they decided to launch their own brand, G&G Armament, and it didn’t take long for them to become an incredibly popular brand in the airsoft community.

G&G utilises the precision of computers to design all their products to ensure that each one is precise and stable. The competitive company is always looking for ways to make their products stronger while also experimenting with new designs and materials.

GR4 G26 blowback M4 Airsoft Assualt Rifle

What Makes G&G So Unique?

G&G Armament even designed and launched their very own pneumatic blowback system; rather than being mechanical, the design utilises air. The hype and demand were so large when released that, by 2008, they had to open a second factory.

They were the first airsoft manufacturer to pass the ISO 9001 requirements, proving the specific quality in their products that ensure each and every one is carefully manufactured.

G&G has an innovative aim in the field of making airsoft models. Their ambition is evident as they continue to discover new ways to improve their products. Their key features have been made famous, some of these include:

  • Reliable AEG’s
  • Affordable
  • Great Externals
  • An incredibly reliable blowback system
Piranha MK1 GBB Pistol

G&G’s Popular Products

They have two main lines of guns; combat machines and top tech. The machine guns are widely recognised for working well with great externals, and the AEG’s blowback is one of the most consistently-reliable systems in its price range.

The top tech line of guns offer more accuracy and are comparable to brands such as Lonex, Krytac and G&P. The externals are still on point, but their internal components are competing above and beyond their price range.

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G&G TR16 SBR 308 MKII AEG Rifle

CMF16 & CMF12-K

The CMF16 & CMF12-K rifles feature built-in MOSFETs and ETU’s which will provide each with a 3-round burst. The body of these models is much more modern in terms of styling and is made of polymer.

G&G TR16 SBR 308 MKII AEG Rifle

TR16MBR 308 SBR Mark 1 & Mark 2

Both of these AEG rifles are shorter versions of the TR16 MBR 308 but are still equipped with all of its features, such as its auto cut off on low and mid-cap magazines.

They will not fire without a magazine in the well and the ETU, protected by the MOSFET, allows for a 3-5-round burst with an audible alarm.

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SMC-9 Models are excellent personal defence weapons and are available in a lower power, making them much more suitable for UK skirmishes. These gas blowback PDW’s are also compatible with GTP-9 uppers and magazines.



If you’re searching for a sought-after piece of G&G equipment, why not check out the ARP-9? This top-selling gun is equipped with a MOSFET to protect the ETU and is excellent in CQB. It comes in an assortment of styles and there are boxes of magazines available in-store and online.

Let us know what your favourite G&G Armament models and designs are. You can also browse our extensive range of G&G rifles, pistols and other airsoft BB guns on our website - you might find a new favourite to add to the collection!