Simon Jameson in his airsoft tank fitting with airsoft rifles

One of the best things about airsoft for us is the community feel that comes with the sport. Airsoft brings together people from all walks of life to share a single, mutual love.

Now, we need to be a community more than ever and help out one of our fellow brothers, Simon Jameson, and what he is calling Project Tank.

Simon is from Ireland, is 27 years of age and is an airsoft enthusiast. Simon also suffers from the condition Duchenne muscular dystrophy which means he has been wheelchair bound for most of his life.

For the past nine years, he has been playing airsoft in what he describes as a “reasonably rough terrain wheelchair” kitted out with a couple of airsoft rifles which he uses to take part in skirmishes.

Simon has also taken part in military simulation in a British Army MOD FIBUA city called Copehill Down, so you could say he is a pretty big deal in the airsoft world.

Why does Simon need our help? He is looking to upgrade his current ride to a much sturdier, all-terrain wheelchair in order for him to enjoy the sport he loves so much with as few limitations as possible.

For that purpose, Project Tank has been set up on GoFundMe, where you can donate to Simon and his cause. If any of our readers out there can contribute to the cause, it would be an incredible gesture!

Visit Simon’s page here, watch his videos and please (if you can) give generously!