A selection of airsoft guns

With such a massive range of airsoft guns out there, it can be difficult to know which is the best to choose for your secondary weapon. With this in mind, we have taken a look at a few things you might wish to consider when it comes to choosing your sidearm.

What is a secondary weapon?

First things first, what are we talking about when we say secondary weapon? As the name suggests, it is the gun that you are going to be using if and when you need to switch from your main weapon to another gun.

It is often, but not exclusively, a pistol, although we will go into this in a bit more detail later on.

Do I need a secondary?

As with most things in airsoft, it is completely down to your personal playing preferences. If you want to load up with just a shotgun and a bucketful of ammo, or you want to head out with four pistols attached to your person, it is totally your choice!

However, having a clear primary and secondary weapon in your loadout can be beneficial to you, and could help you out in a tight spot!

How to choose a secondary

Your primary gun is the one that you will spend the most time practising with, and you should be very comfortable when using it. But it is also important to have a backup which you comfortable with, and you can use quickly and easily.

Most of the time, the secondary gun is the one that is easier to carry along with you, but with carrying straps and other accessories, you can make sure that any gun is relatively easy to carry, meaning you shouldn’t just choose it solely on its ability to be carried easily. You need to be just as competent with your sidearm as your primary weapon so you can reach for it confidently when your main mag runs dry.

It can also be any type of airsoft gun, depending on what you are using it for or what game type you are playing. If you are a sniper, for example, chances are you won’t want to lug around anything bulky as your sidearm, as it doesn’t fit in with your style of play. This is where you would probably look at arming yourself with a pistol, as it is quick and easy to use, relatively small and light to carry and can help you out if you get backed into a corner – although having the enhanced full auto fire power of an SMG as a sidearm can make up for the awkward carry issues.

You should also consider your budget when it comes to your secondary. If you are a serious player, investing a decent amount in a sidearm is going to be a good option for you, and then you can upgrade later down the line.

If you are just a casual player, you can pick up a pistol relatively cheaply and have it for extra protection. If you then start playing airsoft more frequently, you can look to upgrade to a better model.

As with the primary gun, there are as many choices out there as you can think of, more than anything the feel of these guns is what makes the difference; heart can trump head with some of these. Picking up a Tokyo Marui, then a WE G17 can feel very different, and some people will prefer the speed and quality of the Marui, others the weight and feel of the WE. Having an MP9 strapped to your back in case of jams or a shotgun in case of close encounters can make your game step up a level, even if you almost never use them!

These are just a few guidelines that may help you when it comes to picking up a secondary weapon. If you have any questions about choosing a secondary, or any airsoft gun for that matter, please do not hesitate to contact us!


Updated for 2017