Could Prince Harry be starring in Top Gun 2? – Surplus Store air pistols for sale

Perhaps one of the more unusual rumours currently circulating is the fact that Tom Cruise has voiced his desire for Prince Harry to star alongside him in the upcoming sequel to the 1986 film Top Gun.

It was recently revealed by producer David Ellison that Tom Cruise will be reprising his role as Pete "Maverick" Mitchell nearly 30 years after the first film was released. The sequel is set to feature updated technology, which is pit Maverick against drone technology.

Tom Cruise is reportedly very interested in having Prince Harry star alongside of him, as he has real life experience in the military, and knows about flying first hand.

Cruise also suggested that the Prince donate his salary for the film to a charity of his choice, and will even ask David Beckham to put in a good word for him! You honestly couldn’t make this up…

Whether or not Prince Harry will take Cruise up on his offer is to be seen, and if he does say yes, we just hope he leaves his denim shorts at the Palace!

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Photo courtesy of DVIDSHUB, under Creative Commons