[caption id="attachment_174" align="aligncenter" width="536"]Designer created replica Battlefield 4 gun airsoft store airsoft gun Surplus Store Crawley Picture Credit: 3dprint.com[/caption]

Being, amongst other things, an airsoft store, here at Surplus Store, we enjoy finding news of what is happening in the world of airsoft, and this particular piece has caught our eye.

We had previously written about a 3D printed airsoft rifle, created by a German designer (for those of you who may have previously missed it, it can be found here), and now a South African designer who is based in London has created another, slightly more elaborate 3D printed rifle.

Kirby Downey has created and printed the Rorsch X1 rifle from Battlefield 4, which is a Rail Gun in the game. Downey’s design is fully functioning, but questions about the durability of the weapon exist. The Rorsch was a formidable gun in the game, but if parts keep dropping off of this weapon like they do in this video, it might not be too practical for a skirmish!

The model fits a standard version 2 Airsoft gearbox and uses parts from the CM16 rifle, which we sell here at Surplus Store (go on, take a look!) and took nearly a week to print, racking up a huge 125 hours in production! We’re also not so sure about the multi-coloured parts, as it makes it look a bit like K’NEX… Could benefit from a re-spray from us in store!

If you are looking for something a bit more practical, inconspicuous, and with reliable fire power, take a look at our range of airsoft weaponry here at Surplus Store!