Good airsoft gear from our airsoft store and our advice can help save your bacon

Each player will have a different playing style when it comes to airsoft, and a lot varies depending on how you play the game, your primary weapon, etc.

However, there are a few tips that you might want to remember for future games, which may just save your bacon in a tight spot! We’ve taken a look at some below:

Mag Dumping

Learning to dump your mags using a dump pouch may come in handy. Having a dump pouch is a quick and easy way of ditching your empty, rather than trying to squeeze it back in your mag pouch.

Placing the empties back in your mag pouch is perfectly fine, but it takes extra seconds and you may end up reaching for a new mag, only to realise it’s an empty one you’ve put back. A dump pouch might be a bit of added kit you don’t really fancy lugging around, but it could help you out so it might be worth considering!


Spending good money on footwear will repay you in the long run, as you will not spend time resting up from your injuries! A decent pair of boots will give you ankle support, which is very important should you trip over a rock or root (we’ve all done it…).

Most boots, especially military ones are designed for mainly strength over comfort, so taking some time to properly break in your boots is pretty important. While you are breaking them in, you should consider adding a pair of insoles in your boots, which provide an extra layer of padding to make them more comfortable, which is key when you’re on your feet for long periods of time.

Travel Light

There’s a lot of brilliant airsoft gear on the market, which often tempts people to load like a donkey. However, unlike Grand Theft Auto, you cannot pull multiple guns out of thin air whilst still remaining ridiculously mobile.

Remember, you’ll be running around for the best part of an hour before you get a break, so pick your kit carefully. If you load up too heavy, you’ll get tired quicker and struggle to keep up with the rest of your team!

Quick Mag

Have you been in a situation where you have someone in your sights, only for you to pull the trigger and fire a blank because you’re empty? Fumbling around for a new mag when you’ve got the adrenaline pumping can be quite difficult, so you might want to consider fixing together two magazines with a bit of duct tape, which can help make reloading a lot faster.

Simply pop out the mag, flip it upside down, and there you go; full mag. However, if you want to do this for multiple mags, it can make transporting them around the field a bit awkward, as they are an odd shape when fixed together. If you are considering this, it might be worth having a quick mag as your primary, then carry around individual replacement mags. Experiment with this technique to see if you suits you, and it may well save you in a tight spot.

One quick point about a quick mag, is you leave your secondary mag open to dirt getting in amongst the BB’s, which can then get into the barrel of the gun. In the words of GunTech Dan, “it can ruin your day quicker than realising the skirmish site doesn't have a real toilet when the dodgy takeaway the night before kicks in!” We think that means proceed at your own peril…!

These are just four tips you might want to consider at your next skirmish, why not let us know your top tips on our Facebook or Twitter account? Meanwhile, if you are looking for some new kit, we’ve got plenty to choose from in our airsoft shop, so why not take a look online or pop in and see us in store?