Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles who have been known to utilise a throwing knife

Are you the sort of person who gets bored of their day to day life and dreams of packing it all in to becoming a ninja? Well, you’re in luck!

As reported in Japan Today, Aichi Prefecture on the central Honshu Island of Japan are actively seeking six full time ninjas, to help promote tourism at Nagoya Castle, which dates back to 1610.

According to the recruitment website, applicants will need to be able to perform acrobatics, be pretty handy with a Shuriken or throwing knife (both used in the ancient form of ninjutsu) and perform other general ninja duties.

Although, unlike the mystical figures from history, these ninjas must also be willing to pose for pictures.

“Our ninjas also have to be good at talking to promote tourism, although ninjas are basically required to be secretive,” said Satoshi Adachi of the Aichi government’s tourism group.

If your ninjutsu isn’t quite up to scratch, fear not! A one-month training course is mandatory for new recruits (run by Master Splinter, we hope!). They are also accepting non-Japanese applications, so there is hope for us all!

Pay is £1111 a month, which isn’t an astonishing figure, but whoever wanted to become a ninja for financial gain, eh?!


Photo courtesy of AidenDemon on YouTube, under Creative Commons