Mad Max: Fury Road recreated with paintball guns and go karts – Surplus Store Crawley

Mad Max: Fury Road starring Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron was a box office smash, and has made over $370 million worldwide so far, with merchandise such as comic books and video games still to be released.

To promote the release of the upcoming Mad Max game, Devin Graham, also known on YouTube as devinsupertramp, has recreated the film with the use of go-karts and paintball guns. And it is incredible!

The three and a half minute epic mini-film was filmed in Utah as opposed to Australia, but the CGI backgrounds have done well enough to convince you that it is shot in the same location.

It may not be as explosive and high octane as the Hollywood blockbuster, but it has racked up over a million views in less than three days, and after looking at the production quality, it deserves much more!

If you would like to check the video out for yourself, it can be seen here: and we definitely advise you do!

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Photo courtesy of tricks ware, under Creative Commons