So, just how is it made? Airsoft guns buy airsoft guns ICS transform4 UK1 Surplus StoreAs previous stated in our common misconceptions feature, a lot of people (wrongly we might add!) believe that an airsoft gun is a flimsy, plastic toy that would break if used too frequently.

There is currently a YouTube video doing the rounds, which will show anyone watching that the process of creation features a great number of different components, which are all made from high quality materials.

Showing us the behind the scenes video are airsoft manufacturer ICS, who are based in Taiwan. The ten minute video shows a step by step manufacturing process of one of their rifles, and how all of the different components are brought together.

The video tracks the creation of one rifle in particular, which is the Transform4 UK1. It starts with showing a portion of the design process before any components are actually made.

It then moves on to the creation of the body of the gun, which is created from a hardwearing, metal alloy. The video then breaks down how each component works within the gun, and then shows them being hand assembled and tested before being packaged ready for shipment.

If you are interested in seeing the video for yourself, it can be viewed here, and is most certainly worth the watch!

If you are looking to buy airsoft guns, we have a huge range available both in store and on our website. This includes weapons made by ICS, as well as a number of other manufacturers, so why not take a look?