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airsoft roles

  1. Our How-To Guide for Becoming an Airsoft Grenadier

    Airsoft Grenadier You’ve no doubt been at an airsoft event, thinking things are going pretty well when all of a sudden you hear an almighty “whoosh” followed by a shower of BBs – and before you know it, you’re making the long walk to the safe zone. We are, of course, talking about the airsoft grenadier, which is a role we will be taking a look at in some more detail here. Continue reading →
  2. Which Airsoft Role Should You Choose?

    graphic of airsoft roles. Picking which role you want to take up in an airsoft team can be a tricky one. Are you qualified for that role? Do you have the correct kit? What is actually involved were you to take on that position? With this in mind, we’ve put together a series of in-depth guides, regardless of whether you are new to airsoft or a seasoned player who is interested in taking up a new role within your team. Below, we have outlined the roles, their main requirements, typical loadout and some details about each. To see the full, in-depth guide, simply click the position name. Continue reading →

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