Airsoft requires ultimate focus and dedication. Your success on the field doesn’t solely rely on what you practise during the game. There are additional skills you can work on in your own time to improve your ability.

Discover our top tips for practising your skills off the airsoft field!

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Being Light on Your Feet

When playing an airsoft game in outdoor and wooded areas, one of the biggest threats to revealing your position is sound, especially the crunching from leaves.

Learning how to minimise the amount of noise we make while on the move sounds simple, but there are a few essential elements, including balance which may require extra practice.

We break down how to move stealthily below and highlight the main areas to practice :

An airsoft player walking in woods with airsoft gun

Watch Your Footing

Spotting potentially noisy ground is the first step to minimising the sound we create while moving.

Check the ground in front of you before moving. Try to keep an eye out for leaves when on the move and anything else that can create unnecessary noise!

Plan Your Route

Look out for soft ground which is less likely to create sounds, such as grass and soil. Then swiftly plan your route and move forward.

Centralise Your Balance

A key aspect of moving quietly is maintaining and centralising your balance.

Any extra baggage should be removed and left in a safe space as backpacks can sway your balance.

Keep Arms Close

To help you feel more in control, keep your arms and hands close to your body, by your sides. Doing this will also ensure you don’t reveal your position by accidentally knocking into something such as a tree.

An airsoft player remaining low on game

Remain Low

The lower you are to the ground, the better your centre of gravity is.

Where possible, remain in a slightly crouched stance. Being low should reduce the level of force each time your foot hits the ground and will decrease sound from your feet.

Keeping a low position is also essential when landing a jump by reducing your impact on the ground.

Walk Toe to Heel

Ideally, you want to place your toes down first. Next, slowly roll your foot from your toes to your heel.

Bodyweight should remain on your back leg throughout the movement.

This technique can be sped up when running to pull off swifter movements too.

Alternatively, some players prefer to use the sides of their feet to anchor their movements when walking. It can be a painful tactic, so try and use it only during short distances.

Running on the Balls of Your Feet

For those who want to learn how to run quietly and more reliably, you can practice running on the balls of your feet.

Strength of the lower legs and feet are essential to running on the balls of your feet, and if not mastered, it can have the opposite effect. Therefore you will have to dedicate time and training to this skill, or it may backfire!

Move Under the Sound of Fire

If it is impossible to move without treading on leaves and twigs, you can use the sound of firing to cover the sound of your footsteps. This will require the practice of quick movements and top listening skills.

Prepare Before the Game

There are a few things you can do before the game starts, which may loosen your muscles and joints, which will help to lessen the sound of your movements.

Stretching out is an excellent place to start. It will help to reduce your bones clicking when you move.

A group of airsoft players together

Hone Communication Skills

Without effective communication, it isn’t easy to succeed in a game of airsoft!

By taking the time to practice communication skills you can dramatically improve your game; it is a skill well worth pursuing if you want to develop from an ‘ok’ airsoft player into an advanced one!

There are many forms of communication, below we have some tips for those using radios or between person to person!

Be Accurate

Keep your message as useful as possible. Specify where you are, or where the danger is coming from. In your message, try to include:

• Who you are (if on a radio).
• Who your message is for (if on a radio).
• What you’re communicating about.

When you have the go-ahead to continue your message if on a radio, proceed with the additional information.

Keep it Short and Sweet

Being brief is critical. Try to take a moment to figure out your message before you speak so you can keep it accurate but short. If on a radio, remember to pause for a second after pressing the PTT. Radios delay so the beginning of the message will cut off.

Don’t Use Codes

Try not to use codes unless you know all players are familiar with the terms. If you have to repeat your message to clarify it, it increases the chance of you being overheard and also wastes time.

Use Your ‘Indoor Voice’

We don’t mean to be patronising here, but it’s essential that you don’t shout down the radio. Not only is it noisy, but it also can become muffled on the radio, not to mention painful for the receiver if they are wearing earphones.

Two men running in the street

Improve Your Cardio

Having good cardio is a sure way to improve your performance on the field. Not only is it physically beneficial, but it also boosts your confidence levels when knowing that you are feeling fit and capable for the game.

Increasing your cardio fitness also helps when aiming while running to cover.

Exercise Outside of the Game

The great thing about cardio is various forms of exercise can improve it. Of course, you will no doubt see an increase in your cardio the more you play airsoft.

However, when you’re not in the game, running, walking, and cycling can enhance your stamina and strengthen your muscles.

How do you like to practise and improve your skills for airsoft? Share your ideas with the airsoft community and us on our social media channels!