Grenades for airsoft

There are few cooler accessories within the airsoft community than grenades. The fact that in 2019, we are able to hurl semi-explosive devices at each other for fun, without fear of injury, is simply astonishing; and something we’re also rather pleased about! Grenades can often be overlooked by many airsoft players, as some see them as an unnecessary expense. However, we at Surplus Store are big fans of them. One of the great things about airsoft grenades is their versatility, and that they can be used both indoors and outdoors. Not only this, but they can really add an element of realism to the game that players love.

There are two main uses of airsoft grenades that vary between sites. Some allow players to use them as distraction devices, whereas others are happy for players to use them as area of effect (AOE) devices to eliminate players. Essentially meaning everyone within X metres of the grenade on detonation calls hit, or BB hit, in the case of BB grenades.

There are a range of different grenade types, each offering something a little different to the others. Check out the list below to see which you think would work best for you.

Dummy Grenades

Perhaps the least interesting of the set, dummy grenades do not perform a particular action and are most often used to make a player’s loadout look good. That said, there are a limited number of sites that have set rules for the grenades allowing players to use them as AOE grenades. This can cause confusion between airsofters as the distance is never black and white and as they do not have a BB spray, players are not sure if they are eliminated or not.

The grenades are typically lightweight and made from foam or rubber, making them long-lasting and durable. Because of this they can be thrown long distances and won’t add much extra weight to your kit.

two men playing airsoft indoors

Blank Firing

Blank firing grenades primarily work by using blank gun ammunition as the source of the sound. This could include shotgun or pistol primers, and often work out pretty cheap per shot. The benefit to these is that they can be reused over and over, meaning you only have to buy one or two grenades. That said, you will have to source ammunition for them continually.

It’s worth noting that many of these types of grenades are made from metal components; therefore, throwing them is not advised. Instead, many sites have a rule which only permits the rolling of these grenades, limiting the distance from which you can use them. These can be very effective at indoor sites as the sheer volume of a blank going off in close quarters is very intimidating!

CO2 Powered

CO2 Powered are similar to blank firing in the sense that most do not disperse any BBs. As opposed to using primers, these are powered by standard CO2 canisters and create a decent bang overall.

BB Spray Grenades

This is where the fun really starts to happen. BB spray grenades do exactly what they say on the tin; spray BBs! These grenades can either work on a timer, or on impact (make sure you know which you have!), and will shower surrounding players with BBs while making a bang.

These grenades will need to be reloaded and reset after each use, which can be frustrating when you want to clear a few rooms in a row, but good fun none the less. They are easy, if not a little time consuming to reload, and can be a little ineffective on softer, outdoor terrain. Make sure you check with your site about the rules for any BB spray grenades before using them.


Ranging from smoke to flashbang to pea-filled, pyrotechnic grenades can come in many different varieties. Typically, these are the most expensive of the grenade options, as for the most part, they are single-use, but also come with much less restriction in terms of deployment. These are a delight to use, assuming you buy good quality ones, and can really make a difference for you and your team.

Man with airsoft gun

Impact/Time Delay

Whilst not being a specific type of grenade, all of the grenades mentioned (except the Dummy grenades) are either Impact Triggered or Time Delay Triggered. An Impact grenade has a trigger that will fire the grenade when it is thrown and hits a solid surface, great for indoor CQB, but doesn’t work so well outdoors or on soft surfaces. A Time Delay grenade generally has a 3-6 second “fuse” once the grenade is triggered, better for outdoors, but the fuse can give your opposing force enough time to get to cover if that comes round the corner!

Whether you’re looking for smoke cover, distraction, or to cover your opponents with BBs, we have the grenade that’s perfect for you! Check out our range of grenades, along with rifles, pistols and airsoft upgrade parts on our online shop here!