Archery is a versatile sport that many consider an art! It requires incredible focus, accuracy and strength and it is both mentally and physically demanding.

Originally, archery was integral to hunting and fighting, but it has now found a place as a more peaceful activity in today’s society and requires the calmest of minds to perfect. Whether you are looking to do it recreationally or competitively, it will improve multiple areas of your life.

Is it a sport that you are keen to pursue? Uncover the many benefits or archery below!

Archery target

Improves Coordination

Let’s start with one of the more obvious advantages of becoming an archer, the improvement to coordination.

Without the combination of a good eye and an accurate shot, becoming an excellent archer will have its challenges! Hand-eye coordination is an integral part of the sport, and regularly practising it will hone your coordination skills.

Improvements will develop through muscle memory and, over time, become part of your subconscious brain. The archery process will become more of an instinct as opposed to something you have to carefully deliberate on.

Develops Core and Lower Body Strength

A crucial part of archery is strength, and the more you practice, the more you realise that archery depends on the stability of the core.

Archery demands the synchronised effort of the chest, upper back, arm and hand muscles working in unison to release short bursts of energy when shooting effectively.

The lower body is also integral to an archer's stance and stability, and many serious archers will dedicate their spare time to work out and strengthen these areas when not practising. They will also do cardio exercises, such as running, to improve their stamina.

Improves Balance

The steadiness of your arms and core body will also be a central aspect of perfecting your shot, and you will see your balance improve by leaps and bounds over time. You will feel more in control of your body and feel more centralised and grounded to ensure you have a stable core when shooting.

A man doing an archery

Perfects Focus

Distractions don’t exist for archers and having tunnel vision is vital when shooting.

The main focus of an archer is their target and their ability, with all external factors eliminated from their attention. It is a skill which will benefit you outside of archery and will improve focus on other aspects of your life as well.

Encourages Dedication

It’s hard to develop archery without practice, and it will require dedication to ensure you progress from average to advanced! It can seem like a reasonably simple sport to begin, but to perfect, it requires hard work.

On the other hand, if it doesn’t come naturally to start with, don’t let this put you off! It is a skill that requires dedication and plenty of practice.

Archery centralises around accuracy and precision, and not speed. And, the only way to improve these skills is to dedicate time to practising!

A woman doing archery

Promotes Patience

With dedication comes patience, and with archery, you will naturally increase your levels of tolerance. As a fun yet challenging activity, patience will be necessary to make sure you keep at it, even during times of frustration!

Implements a Relaxed Mentality

Irritation and archery aren’t the best combination, and being calm is the only perspective an archer can have for success.

Trying to focus on nothing but the target and your accuracy is pressurising, and the only way to combat it without being overwhelmed is by ensuring you are relaxed.

As time passes during the session, learning how to block our external pressures and distractions becomes more manageable, and you will develop personal ways to focus and manage your breathing. It is no surprise that a study by H.Ayan in 2016 indicated that archery can help to reduce symptoms derived from stress!

A group of children doing archery


Archery is a unique sport which attracts like-minded people. Wherever your local club is, you are sure to make lifelong friends. With optimum focus required while shooting, it makes people feel up for a chat when they are not shooting. No doubt, fellow archers will be on hand and eager to offer advice and invaluable tips!

Everyone Can Give it a Go

It doesn’t matter who you are or your ability; archery is a sport that welcomes anyone willing to try it! Feeling welcomed and supported will improve feelings of confidence and self-esteem too.

Doesn’t Have to be Competitive

Oh, and one final thing! You don’t have to feel pressured to take your skills to the next level. It can be as recreational or as competitive as you feel comfortable with. Whether you are happy just practising or feel brave enough for some small, local tournaments, it’s up to you which direction you want to take it!

Excited to give it a go? Why not research the local clubs in your area and get started! If you’ve tried and tested archery and are already hooked on the sport, why not take a look at our extensive collection of archery bows for sale? If you’re unsure of what you’re looking for, our expert team are always on hand to offer advice so give us a call!