There are a couple of reasons why you might want an air rifle that’s on the quieter side. The first is so you can remain stealthy while hunting or controlling pest populations – you don’t want to be heard coming, after all. You’ll also want a quiet rifle if you do lots of back garden shooting and target practice to reduce the chance of disgruntled neighbours.

Luckily, there are plenty of air rifles on the market right now that prize themselves on being quiet.

Quiet Air Rifles

Several factors will affect how noisy an air rifle is. You should first consider how the gun is powered – pre charged air rifles tend to be quieter than CO2 rifles.

Many air rifles these days will also have in-built sound-dampening features - the quality of which may end up being the most important noise reduction factor. You can also add compatible moderators or air rifle silencers to make your current guns far quieter.

At Surplus Store, we stock a wide range of air rifles with a variety of features. Here are our top picks:

1. Weihrauch HW100T .22 PCP Air Rifle

There’s no doubt that the Weihrauch HW100T is one of the quietest air rifles on the market today. A well-known favourite among hunters and field target shooters, this absolute beast of a gun features a legendary build quality and sharp accuracy. It features a ½ inch UNF silencer, two 14-shot magazines, and a comfortable thumbhole stock. 

If you’re a hunter looking for an ideal air rifle that allows you to take a second shot quickly, courtesy of its smooth biathlon-type loading system, then the Weihrauch HW100T should be top of your list. 

Weihrauch HW100T .22 PCP Air Rifle

2. Air Arms S510 PCP Air Rifle

On the higher end of the price spectrum, the Air Arms S510 is a favourite among gun enthusiasts, proving itself time and time again in both competition and hunting settings. Producing around 85 decibels, this rifle is slightly louder than some options mentioned, still making it wonderfully quiet.

This is another excellent high-performing all-rounder, coming equipped with a 10-shot self-indexing magazine, adjustable trigger and accurate ultra-carbine barrel.

Air Arms S510 Ultimate Sporter R Walnut .177 PCP Air Rifle

3. Hatsan AT44-10 .22 PCP Air Rifle

The new model Hatsan AT44-10 PCP features a 10-shot manual loading system, side lever action, superb accuracy due to the precision rifled choke barrel, and a UNF sound moderator & fitted muzzle cap. 

This air rifle is perfect for those looking for a reliable, quiet, and quality air rifle weapon of choice with fantastic value for money.

Hatsan AT44-10 .22 PCP Air Rifle

4. Air Arms Kymira 40th Anniversary Rifle .177

Introducing an air rifle crafted with cutting-edge technology, say hello to the Air Arms Kymira 40th anniversary PCP. This limited-edition air rifle presents a loading bolt inspired by the Shamal, improving the rifle’s ambidextrous features. 

Additionally, the air-storage reservoir is made from titanium, similar to the XTI-50. Another great option if you're on the hunt for a quiet air rifle - all thanks to its built-in high-tech moderator on the end of the barrel. 

Air Arms Kymira 40th Anniversary Rifle.177

5. Air Arms S410 Carbine Superlite Hunter Green .22 PCP Air Rifle

The Air Arms S410 Carbine Superlite has a super lightweight stock, which is also ambidextrous, making the entire rifle’s weight come to 2.6kg - perfect for competitions and in the field.

It features a silencer attached to the barrel, reducing the noise produced by the escaping air when the rifle is fired. 

Air Arms S410 Carbine Superlite Hunter Green .22 PCP Air Rifle

How to Make Your Air Rifle Quieter

If it’s not time to buy a new rifle, but you still want to embrace the benefits of a quieter shot, there are external adjustments you can make to reduce the level of noise as the pellets are ejected from the barrel.

Silencers, moderators and suppressors are attachments installed to the end of your rifle’s muzzle designed to reduce the noise emitted by each shot. You may find that these work better on some air guns than others.

Using a suppressor or silencer can reduce the noise emitted by an air rifle shot by up to 40 decibels – when combined with a rifle’s internal noise-dampening features, this can make a real difference.

There are plenty of videos out there on making your own silencers, but it is best to invest in purpose-made gear to avoid any nasty accidents. You can find out more about noise reduction accessories for air rifles with our guide on how and why you would silence an air rifle.

We’ve covered several gun types here, at different budgets and with different specs, giving a rounded view of what’s on the market right now when seeking quiet air rifles. 

If you’ve found the perfect air gun, check out our maintenance guide to keep it looking and feeling great.

Air Rifle Maintenance & Cleaning Tips