If you’re not an airsoft player yourself and are instead buying an airsoft gun as a gift or are purchasing one for someone under the age of 18, you will likely be looking to buy a two tone airsoft gun.

Similarly, if you are a keen player but are not a UKARA member, two tone airsoft guns are what you’ll be shooting.

Find out everything you need to know about these guns, the rules surrounding them and some great budget options for those that want to expand their collection without breaking the bank.

What are Two Tone Airsoft BB Guns?

Two tone airsoft guns are just what you probably think they are – airsoft guns coloured with two different tones.

They are coloured this way to mark them significantly apart from real firearms. Bright colours like orange, yellow and blue are used on the body of the gun to clearly show they are BB airsoft pistols or rifles and not real or real imitation firearms (RIFs). These colours should also be solid block colours, although you can get clear BB guns that fit this category too.

These are the kinds of guns most people probably think of when considering BB or airsoft guns. They are available in a wide variety of makes and models, with countless different specs and specialist abilities.

Ares Amoeba M4 AM-008 Blue 6mm Airsoft Two-Tone AEG

Do You Need a Licence or UKARA Membership to Buy Two Tone Airsoft Guns?

You do not need a UKARA membership or any other licence to purchase a two tone airsoft gun in the UK. Anyone aged 18 or over will be able to buy one of these guns.

However, if you want to buy a single-tone RIF, you will need to give proof of a UKARA membership, showing you are a registered airsoft player at an insured site.

See our more extensive guide to UK airsoft rules and regulations to find out more about which guns you can and cannot buy,

Can You Paint a Two Tone Airsoft Gun?

It is a criminal offence to repaint your two tone airsoft gun to make it appear like a real firearm.

However, we do have an in-house spray shop, so if you’ve got your heart set on a RIF model and can’t find the two tone equivalent, we can spray your order to ensure it meets the two tone requirements. Please note that if you request repainting, there will be a small additional charge.

Are Two Tone Airsoft Guns Good?

Don’t be fooled by the bright, child-like colours, there are plenty of high power skirmish guns with two tones that are just as good as their single tone counterparts – after all, it only tends to be the colours that indicate any difference.

WE Galaxy 1911 Gas Blowback 6mm Airsoft Pistol Purple Two Tone

Budget Two Tone Airsoft Guns

Here at Surplus Store, we stock a great range of budget BB guns and value for money airsoft guns.

Whether you’re after a two tone airsoft pistol or rifle, we’re sure to have something to suit your budget.

Here’s a quick snapshot of just some of the budget-friendly two tone airsoft guns we have on offer.

Double Eagle M85 G36c Style Electric Assault Rifle

Coming in at just £55, the Double Eagle M85 assault rifle is fantastic value for money, with a low price but decent specs that make it great for beginners.

Equipped with a high rate of fire and a 35 round magazine capacity, you’ll be shooting like a pro in no time. The body is ABS plastic which is lightweight but also feels solid, providing the ideal shooting experience.

This gun also comes with a red-dot scope, tactical torch, RIS mounted front grip, screw on silencer, battery and charger.

CYMA CM355 Triple Shot Two Tone Airsoft Shotgun

If it’s a shotgun you’re after, why not consider a CYMA CM355 two tone airsoft gun?

Those looking for fast shooting ability won’t need to look much further than this, with the three BBs that are fired after every shot.

The plastic body and barrel allow for a lightweight but durable experience.

Galaxy G16 Spring Two Tone Pistol

As one of our cheapest two tone pistols, you won’t do much better in terms of price than the £15 Galaxy G16 spring pistol.

Made from lightweight metal, this surprisingly powerful compact pistol fires around 170ft per second.

Because it’s so small, this is a fantastic starter option and ideal for target practice.

We’ve covered just one rifle, shotgun and pistol here, but there are plenty of budget guns and different options that’ll get you started on your airsoft journey!

Our selection will also serve you well once you’ve progressed as a player or are ready to spend a little more money on a more advanced gun.

Hopefully, we’ve answered all your questions about two tone airsoft guns and have set you down the right path to discover the best gun for you.

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