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We have put together a little troubleshooting guide for those of you out there who are experiencing a bit of trouble with your Airsoft Electric Guns, otherwise known as AEG’s. We have taken a look at some of the most common issues you may experience, and a few ways to get around them:

No pellets come out when the gun is being fired

No one wants to be in the middle of a skirmish, get someone in their sites, pull the trigger and only be met by disappointment, so here are a few things that may wish to do:

Use only high quality BB pellets, as the cheap ones can get clogged in your gun, causing you a whole heap of trouble! You should also not reuse BB pellets, as they can change shape when shot. Reusing these misshaped ones can again clog up your gun.

Make sure your removable magazine is connected securely before firing. It may sound simple, but it is always worth checking.

Ensure the barrel is clean, to stop BB’s getting stuck. But please remember, do not look down the barrel if you value your eyesight… On the same note a sharp tumble can result in a flash hider filled with mud (it happens to a lot of people!) stop firing and clear the blockage, attempting to shoot out the obstruction can seriously damage your gearbox!

Using too much hop-up can also result in BB’s clogging. To test if this is the issue, reduce the hop-up to zero and see if this helps. If pellets are fired, make sure you only make slight adjustments to it.

My battery life decreases every time I charge it

It is best practice to discharge your battery (Ni/Mh) completely after every use, and before you recharge it, in order to keep your battery in the best health. LiPo batteries are best topped up or set to storage charge if being left for more than a few days. Most modern battery chemistries should not be adversely affected by not properly discharging before recharging. If you over discharge your batteries this can damage the cells, as can storing them at a very low charge (for Ni/Mh) or a very high charge (for LiPo). If this sounds familiar, it is more than likely the reason behind your battery life suffering. Using the battery until it cannot fire your AEG anymore can damage the battery cells, once your rate of fire starts to drop you should stop firing and change battery, leaving a battery connected to a mosfet equipped AEG can also severely damage the cells To keep your batteries in top health it helps to use a digital charger, you can buy one from us here.

The gun does not cycle properly, and I can hear a clicking sound

If the trigger is pulled, and is met by a (sometimes faint) clicking sound on semi and full auto, the most likely issue is a low battery. The noise heard is the motor attempting to cycle, but does not have enough power to do so. This is often one of the most common problems encountered with AEG airsoft guns. Stop pulling the trigger, source a fully charged battery and that should clear the jam. If it doesn’t there may be something deeper wrong, stop attempting to fire and seek professional advice.

The trigger is locking in semi-automatic mode

It may be a bit of an irritant, but it is normal for the trigger to sometimes lock up when being used in semi-automatic mode. If this does occur, do not force the trigger, as you will more than likely end up breaking something! Instead, switch to full-auto, fire a few shots, and then test semi-auto again. If the trigger continues to stick, there may be more of an underlying issue, so you may wish to contact us for further assistance (as long as you purchased your AEG from us!).

There’s an odd smell coming from my gun

Firstly, if you’ve been running around a forest for an hour, it may not be your gun… We jest of course! It is completely normal for new AEG guns to give off an electrical smell, which will disappear after a few more uses.

When I pull the trigger, nothing happens and there is no sound

This is a bit of a pain, as it would seem there is no power in your AEG, even though you may have a full battery.

First things first, check you do have a full battery, and ensure it is properly connected. Make sure you double check the connection so that it is secure!

You may have a blown fuse. Swap your fuse over and get the show back on the road.

If you do switch fuses and the new one blows, you might be using the incorrect current for your gun, or you may have something wrong with battery or even the rifle itself.

If the battery is connected, and the fuse does not blow, you have an underlying issue elsewhere, and will probably need to seek professional help!

Check your connectors, the terminals on Tamiya plugs that most AEGs use are prone splaying and can cause inconsistent firing when the wiring is moved, you can correct the splay, but it is better to replace the plugs with either higher quality Tamiyas or Deans connectors which we can do in store for you.

So there we have it, a few troubleshooting issues you may encounter when using your AEG’s. If you do come across any issues and you are not sure how to fix it, please do not go opening up your guns and rooting around inside, as you will void your warranty, and will probably make things even worse! Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, whether it is about any of the above points, or questions regarding our air rifles, airsoft and BB guns for sale.


Photo courtesy of Michael Brown, under Creative Commons

Edited 01-10-15 added flash hider blockage info.