Zero Latency shows future of gaming, using handsets similar to airsoft rifles UK

Zero Latency is a new virtual reality form of gaming which is being launched in Melbourne, Australia, and offers full motion to the players, meaning they must walk, turn and shoot using their entire body.

A player gets hooked up with a headset, headphones, backpack and rifle, which are all equipped with motion sensors. These sensors are then picked up by a range of cameras located throughout a 450 metre square warehouse, which is transformed in front of the shooters eyes.

Zero Latency runs a zombie infested scenario in front of the eyes of the players, who can play in teams up to six players. Their objective is to fight through the undead, reach a basement, turn on some generators and then escape. Easy right?

Apparently not… The number of zombies are scaled to the amount of players, so more players = more chance of getting your arm chewed off. The rifle in your hand can be a machine gun, shotgun, sniper rifle or grenade launcher, and will recoil just like the real thing.

The experience has been reported as being incredible, with the realism of having the gun in your hands being earmarked as one of the best features. Early footage of the gameplay can be seen here:

Zero Latency will soon be opening its doors to the public, but being located on the other side of the world is a slight downfall! Until it arrives in the UK, you could always take a look at airsoft, which not only offers realism in terms of equipment, but also the social side of meeting new people. You can pick up everything you need, including your airsoft guns UK here at Surplus Store!


Screenshot from Zero Latency YouTube video