Airsoft player in camouflage with a sniper airsoft gun.

Image credit: elanaiba

For those who are just stepping foot into the world of airsoft, it can sometimes be overwhelming as there is so much to learn. However, if you are committed to succeeding in this sport and stepping up your game, there is a lot to learn on your journey. It can be all too easy to dive headfirst into this sport and go crazy buying loads of kit before you even know how to use it.

The airsoft community is extremely welcoming all players, and in particular, helping new players to learn the ropes. As there are often a lot of mistakes made by new players, we have taken a look at seven of the most common ones to help those new to the sport:

1 - Too Many Accessories

When you are first picking your kit, you can get a bit lost in all of the accessories which you can pick up. Of course, there are many which can help with your gameplay, but sometimes kitting yourself out too much can have a negative effect. It can be very tempting to stick everything you possibly can on your airsoft gun like a torch, laser and grip. Some of these accessories can be handy for some types of games, but they aren’t always needed. By adding unnecessary accessories to your gun, it can increase the weight as well as the price, so just think if you are really going to need them!

2 – Not Getting a Good Enough First Gun

All too often we see beginners buying a poor choice of gun. Your airsoft gun is one of the best investments you can make when starting out in this world, so it is essential that you make the right choice when it comes to buying your first gun. When you are looking to buy your first gun, you should purchase it in store instead of online, as this way, you can get advise from those who have extensive knowledge within the field.

After you have made that all-important investment and you have got to grips with the gameplay, you can then look to invest in another primary weapon or have a look a secondary loadout like airsoft pistols; just remember that you all you need to start airsoft is a good airsoft gun (and eye protection!)! We’re not saying you should spend a month’s wages on it, but you should be improving on the cheap, £50 rifles!

3 – Picking the Wrong Weapon

It is quite common for beginners to go straight to wanting to be a sniper and choosing a sniper gun as their first gun, but this is one of the most common mistakes. Sniping in airsoft is completely different to how it is portrayed in movies, Airsoft sniping is a lot more waiting for the correct shot and knowing how to camouflage yourself, it can get VERY boring if you go in with the wrong mindset! Even with the most expensive guns, it can take a lot of skill to be accurate at long ranges. Additionally, a good skirmish ready sniper rifle is expensive and has a slower rate of fire; so, if you are a beginner, it is best to opt for a different gun, at least until you have a little more experience under your belt!

Likewise, picking a shotgun as your first option might not be the best option, until you get used to the reloading of the gun. Stick to something simple to start with, and then as you progress and improve you can start to assess your options.

4 – Having Low Levels of Fitness

As airsoft is a fast-paced sport, having some level of fitness is essential as you will be sprinting and moving a lot, so if you want to become a serious player then it is important to be in good shape! However, it isn’t just about being able to move quicker and having more stamina, but, in fact, to protect you from common injuries like pulled and torn muscles.

If you are a newbie, then you should try and get into shape before you commit to a game. Try to boost your stamina by going running a few days a week as this can help with your breathing as well as helping you become a great airsoft player. We’re not saying you have to be Olympic athlete standard, but it might be beneficial to have a bit more in the tank!

5 – Know the Rules of Gameplay

Each different airsoft site will have their own set of rules, so it is important to do your research. Take some time to read up about the different types of airsoft games and then you can know what to expect. Often, we see beginners ruining gameplay for others due to them not knowing the rules or even what to do if they get hit. When you do decide to play on airsoft site, listen to the safety brief! it does pay to do your research before you attend, but always listen to the safety brief! A good site will outline all the important rules here…

6 – Cheating

We know this doesn't apply to everyone, but it is important that you don’t cheat. It may be tempting to ignore that you have been hit, but it is better, to be honest as other players can get annoyed if you keep refusing that you have been hit. Some airsoft sites might even refuse to let you play if you constantly say that you haven’t been shot and will diminish your enjoyment of the game! You will then know how annoying this is when the tables are turned on you, so it is better to avoid this all together.

6a - Cheat Calling

Don’t assume your AEG is hitting someone unless you see your BB hit them, miss set hops, mud in the flash hider a little bit of foliage you don’t see cause you’re zeroed in through the scope, even an underwound hi-cap can mean your BBs aren’t going where they should be. We have lost count of the times we’ve seen someone screaming the place down with “take your hit, take your hit!” when their BBs are ditching in the dirt 20 feet short of the rather confused looking target!

7 – Not Having the Right Protection

When picking a loadout, you can often get so caught up in choosing the right airsoft gun that protection doesn't even cross your mind! Some airsoft sites require you to have the right kit before you can step foot on the field at all! Good eye protection should be the very first thing on your list (When you buy your gun!), followed by some good protective clothing and sturdy footwear.

Did you make any of these mistakes when you started playing airsoft? Let us know using our social media channels. If you are starting out in the world of airsoft, we have a great range of kit to start you off so just get in touch if you have any questions.