As you start becoming more proficient with basic shooting techniques, it can be interesting to see how different optical sights help up your game. The main purpose of sighting devices like scopes or airsoft red dot sights is, of course, to help you aim, making it easier to acquire targets and ensuring your shots are more accurate.

Are Red Dot Sights Necessary?

One of the most enjoyable things about airsoft for many players is the ability to continually build up your loadout and invest in a range of accessories that help improve your game. While accessories like different optics are not 100% necessary for you to have fun or do well at a skirmish, they can significantly improve your game and abilities, or just offer a different kind of gameplay.

The Benefits of Using Red Dot Sights

Red dot sight attachments can be especially useful, as they allow for quicker, more accurate aiming/target acquisition. They can instantly give you that extra edge, and you’d almost certainly be at a disadvantage if your opponents were using a sight and you weren’t.

Plus, adding a sight to your airsoft gun just makes it look cooler – many players will choose which sight they use based simply on looks, as functionality is often largely the same.

An airsoft player using a sighting device to help aim

How Does a Red Dot Sight Work?

Red dot sights work by projecting a light onto the glass lens, creating a reticle and aiming point. This is a fixed point, so when you move your gun, the dot will follow, allowing for easy use and quick target acquisition.

These simple sights do not have magnification so can be used with both eyes open. This also means they are more useful for close-range shots.

Red dot sights are good for beginners because they are easy to get to grips with – you don’t have to zero in like you would with traditional iron sights.

how to increase airsoft gun range and accuracy

Red Dot Sights Vs Iron Sights

While red dot sights use light, traditional iron sight systems use physical alignment markers to help with sighting. They are made up of a front and rear sight, providing horizontal and vertical reference points, both of which need to be aligned to make an accurate shot.

Red dot sights can be preferable for a couple of reasons:

  • - Faster target acquisition
  • - Can keep both eyes open and on the target
  • - Better accuracy
  • - Better for low-light environments
  • - Easier for beginners to use effectively

How Accurate is a Red Dot Sight?

A great shooter without a red dot sight will still probably achieve more accuracy when compared to a less skilled counterpart with a red dot sight, but here, the fault lies more with the shooter than with the kit. Red dot sights can offer brilliant accuracy if they’re set up right, and many will find more accuracy with one of these than with an iron sights setup.

Remember, though, that red dot sights are not typically magnified unless you pair them with an additional attachment, so you probably won’t find much more accuracy when trying to make very long-range shots.

Can You Use Real Weapon Optics With Airsoft Guns?

Yes, in most cases, you can use optics and sights designed for real guns with your airsoft replicas. These are typically more durable and perform better than airsoft red dot sights but they also tend to be more expensive.

Unless you are really keen on getting a sight that can also be used with a real gun, airsoft red dot sights will do the job excellently – you don’t need the more expensive versions for your skirmish!

What to Look For When Buying an Airsoft Red Dot Sight

If you’ve decided to give one a go, there are several things to look out for when investing in a red dot sight.

  • - Solid build quality – the recoil on airsoft replicas is nowhere near enough to mess with your sight, but it still pays to invest in something that’s going to be durable in the field and hold up against everything you throw at it.
  • - No magnification – the benefit of a red dot sight is rapid target acquisition, so magnification isn’t necessary as this can introduce delay.
  • - Price – it’s not necessary to break the bank on red dot sights, and there are plenty of budget-friendly options that’ll serve you well. That being said, we don’t recommend just going for the absolute cheapest option you can find.
  • - Usability with eye protection – you’ll need something that sits high enough that you can still see through it when wearing a mask or bulkier goggles. Using a riser can ensure your sight is at a good height.
  • - Aesthetics – as mentioned before, another perfectly fine factor to guide your decision is how the sight looks. If a particular design is calling out to you, go for it!

Ultimately, a red dot sight is a great accessory to try out, especially if you’re a beginner. As you become more comfortable with using different techniques and accessories, there are plenty of other sights and attachments to experiment with. Take a look at our range of airsoft optics, including scopes, holographic sights and night vision kit, to see how else you could elevate your game.

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