How annoying is it when you pull off an amazing kill streak, and no one was there to see it? Pretty damn annoying is the answer. Well, we have the solution for you: action cameras.

You’ve likely seen these popping up around various sites, attached to the helmets and gun barrels of fellow players, looking to capture their skirmish on video.

If you’re thinking of investing in some video-making hardware, there are a few things you might want to consider before snapping up the first GoPro you find for sale!

Airsoft player holding an airsoft rifle

Image Stabilisation

As you’re going to be running, jumping and crawling your way around the airsoft site, you’ll want to pick up a camera that has strong in-built image stabilisation software.

Smoothness of movement isn’t going to be a priority if someone is trying to gun you down with BBs - so make sure your camera can keep up with your movements, and balance out any motion blur that may occur on film.

Most modern action cameras will have some kind of IS built into them, but the quality will definitely vary, so it’s worth doing some homework beforehand to see which offers the best results.

The newest GoPro cameras, as expected, generally have very reliable IS performance, but there are others that can give them a run for their money.

Two airsoft players hiding behind cover

Low Light Settings

Another important factor for playing in indoor settings, or during the winter months is low light settings; they allow the camera to adjust the amount of light that it lets into the lens, providing clear images when natural light is at a minimum.

If your local field has a lot of buildings or darker spaces, then this should definitely be something to consider, as you don’t want to lose picture quality when running between houses to take cover.

Rugged and Shock Resistant

People will be firing BBs at you from all angles and distances on the field, so making sure that your camera can stand up to any potential hits is important. Shock resistance and general ruggedness will help with this issue as by default action cameras are designed to withstand a beating. However, we’d suggest making sure that any weak points are thoroughly protected by either additional padding, or accessories.

For example, lens caps and screen protectors are a great addition and can really be worth their money. If your camera gets hit on one of its weak spots, you will only need to replace the protective piece rather than the entire unit.

Rain, Dust and Mud Proof

All things that airsofters will be well acquainted with, make sure your camera is at the very least water-resistant!

Generally speaking, action cameras have been designed with sports and adventure in mind. Although they should have some level of weatherproofing already built-in, it's always worth checking before purchasing.

Battery and Charge Settings

Very few action cameras, if any, have a big enough battery to keep rolling non-stop for a 6-8 hour game day. For example, the GoPro Hero 8 has a battery life of just 50 minutes when shooting at its highest resolution, or around two hours when performance is restricted.

One great way around this is to carry a power bank with you, to keep your camera charged and ready for each session. However, to do this you will want to find a camera that can shoot footage while also charging at the same time.

You will also need to consider making some adjustments to your kit to incorporate a power bank addition; this can easily be done to either your helmet or torso equipment with a bit of velcro and some DIY.

Generally speaking, a 10,000mAh will provide you with enough juice for a whole day shooting while also small enough to not be clunky or obstruct your movements.

Camera accessories spread out on the floor

Different Mountings and Accessories

Finally, you might want to consider whether your chosen camera has the option to use different accessories. If you’re using the camera on your gun, it’ll need to be secured well to avoid it coming off during a firefight.

Additionally, things like tripods and adjustable mounts could allow for more creativity on the field, levelling up the quality of your footage.

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