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Airsoft is becoming more and more popular all over the world, with its popularity growing massively in developing countries – but how is it known in those other countries?

It’s known by several different names all over the world, with airsofters in countries outside the USA calling themselves by names other than “airsofter”.

So let’s take a look at what those names are!

In Italy and Germany airsofters simply switch around the order of the word, so rather than carry airsoft guns they hold “softair” guns.

In Russia people don’t head to an airsoft store like ours, they head for the “Страйкбол” store, the rough translation of which is strikeball. In Denmark, airsoft is called “hardball” while the Israeli version of the word is “איירסופט”, or “tacticBall”.

The Chinese don’t airsoft, they “wargame”, while across the East China Sea Japanese airsofters refer to “survival games” or “sabaibaru”.

In Indonesia the sport is called Easofuto or Ersop – but do you know of any other names for the sport?