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Action Cameras

  1. What Makes a Good Airsoft Action Camera?

    What Makes a Good Airsoft Action Camera?
    How annoying is it when you pull off an amazing kill streak, and no one was there to see it? Pretty damn annoying is the answer. Well, we have the solution for you: action cameras. Continue reading →
  2. Advantages and Disadvantages of Filming Airsoft Gameplay

    Airsoft Gun with scope camera attached It feels like the airsoft community has never been bigger, with more and more people picking up their gear and heading out to shoot up their buddies with plastic BBs. There are numerous reasons the community continues to grow, with people getting their friends involved, exhibitions and event days growing in size and scale, and technology helping to make airsoft accessible for various ages and abilities. However, perhaps one of the greatest drivers of growth is YouTube. Continue reading →

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