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  1. Airsoft Events in the UK in 2020 | Surplus Store

    Airsoft events in the UK With more and more events being organised, the annual airsoft calendar keeps getting busier! 2019 was a bumper year for events with the community holding both airsoft-exclusive events and generally having a more prominent presence at shooting events across the country. Continue reading →
  2. The Best Airsoft Blogs to Read

    A soldier wearing camouflage As competitive airsofters, we like to stay ahead of the curve wherever possible. Whether this is finding out about new weapons, mods, or events first, it’s important for us and our business that we have our fingers on the pulse of the airsoft community. There are so many informative, airsoft-based sites out there that have helped us build our knowledge of the game and provided useful hints and tips for us during gameplay. Here are some of our favourite sources for information: Continue reading →

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