High-pressure air airsoft guns (HPAs) are the pinnacle of performance in the grand selection of airsoft gun models. HPAs run off of compressed air tanks and are highly adjustable with less peak performance limitations than other systems.

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What Are HPA Guns?

HPA stands for high-pressure air. They are pneumatic airsoft weapons that rely on a supply of high-pressure air, as opposed to internal gas canisters.

HPAs utilise a separate high-pressure air-tank that is either built into the stock or connects to the gun via a hose. This, in turn, connects to a pneumatic valve mechanism, also known as an engine; this is where the gearbox in regular electric guns is usually located.

Popular HPA brands include:

  • PolarStar
  • Wolverine
  • Valken
  • Tippermann
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The Benefits of using HPA

We’re going to be taking a look at some of the benefits of owning an HPA gun as opposed to other airsoft guns.

Quickly Modify The Gun For The Field

In some HPA guns, the engine is powered by a fire control unit, which can adjust the desired rate of fire as well as the dwell. This will determine how much air is released with each individual shot fired.

The feature allows you to quickly modify the gun and change the velocity to better match the field regulations.

They’re Reliable

Unlike other Airsoft guns that use CO2, HPAs are much more consistent in colder climates. In a CO2 gun, the CO2 will turn to liquid and prevent you from shooting throughout the game. It is a common problem and can be distressing during a match.

They Can Offer More Accuracy

HPAs can sometimes offer more accuracy. Once a high-pressure airsoft gun is set up, they can provide a better shot. When paired with a good barrel and hop, they can offer an almost unparalleled range of accuracy in the field.

A Lighter Long Term Investment

Although most HPA setups require a larger initial investment, over time they can work out much cheaper than other gas powered setups!

HPA’s don't just take standard mags but also offer other inexpensive methods.

Unlike the maintenance and expense of purchasing CO2 cartridges, HPAs use air to keep you firing for much longer. There are various places you can refill from:

  • The site where you play
  • Independent Paintball sites
  • Dive shops
  • Here at Surplus Store!

If you’re running out of options and the dive shop says they don’t fill up ‘paintball stuff’, then ask them if it would be possible if you brought your own adapter. If there is still an issue, not all hope is lost!

You can simply purchase a dive tank and get that filled instead. This is a much more preferable option because you will be able to get three to five good refills through this method.

Offers a More Realistic Experience

HPAs are great, especially if you’re more interested in realistic combat situations. HPAs have some realistic features that will drastically improve your experience on the field.

Some can offer you a great recoil, so you’ll get a really get a good kick out of it. Others offer trigger feedback that will mimic real-life weapons. Some HPAs can offer near infinite levels of tunability, this can escalate from a realistic experience to an almost ridiculous one too.

The levels of tunability range from the rate of fire to the amount of air released. Because of the control over the air release, this will have an impact on how loud or quiet your HPA will perform.

HPAs can even limit your shots and it will either enforce a trigger delay to mimic a single pull or DMR. They can also limit you to 30 shots, per simulated reload time, to give you a much more authentic feel!

So there you have it, these are some reasons why you should choose HPA. If you have any more questions or queries, you can always contact our team for more advice and information.

If you already own a HPA yourself or are looking to upgrade what you’ve already got, we also offer some great upgrade kits and parts too!