Lego FAMAS as created by Joes LegoGuns – Surplus Store BB guns online

A YouTuber has created a series of videos in which he creates fully working replicas of guns made entirely from Lego, which even fire Lego ammunition.

Creatively named Joes LegoGuns, the young lad constructs the models based on their real life counterparts, complete with inner working mechanisms.

Each video offers the viewer the working gun in action, often firing at targets in slow motion, as well as a look at the magazine and finished with an inside view of the gun, demonstrating how the mechanisms work and the “bullets” are loaded into the chamber. His most recent video, which is of a Lego FAMAS G2 can be seen here.

Of course, Joes LegoGuns isn’t the only YouTuber out there who has had this idea, and many are trying their hand at creating their own working firearms.

One user, entitled Snyzer, has even created a Spaz-12 shotgun, which ejects the shells after firing, just like its real life counterpart! This incredible piece of engineering can be seen here. It’s nice to see teenage boys spending time alone in their rooms more productively…

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Photo courtesy of Joes LegoGuns YouTube