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With winter in full swing, the UK is particularly susceptible to the occasional snowfall, especially in the north of the country. Although this can be off-putting for some players, others see it as a new challenge. Snow can change an airsoft site entirely, both from a gameplay point of view and a health and safety aspect. With this in mind, it’s important to consider the changes to make to your loadout to make it appropriate for winter and its weather.

First of all, let’s explain what an airsoft loadout is. It is, in fact, an interchangeable term used for ‘armoury’ or a more well-used word “outfit”. Customisation of a player’s loadout serves the purpose of enhancing the experience of the sport and can be determined by where the airsoft game takes place.

If you’re new to airsoft, find out what you need for your first loadout!
However, if you are experienced and want to know how to change with the seasons, read on to find out what you need for your very own airsoft snow loadout.

Why does Snow Change Playing Conditions?

Snow can change up your regular airsoft game for a number of reasons, and this can make the game more difficult, but how? When a layer of snow coats the ground, it masks the ground underneath it, which makes it very difficult to know what you’re treading on. It is also excellent at reflecting the sun, which may mean you need to consider items such as tinted safety goggles to prevent any potential glare.

Usually, snow comes during winter months, meaning longer evenings and darker mornings, leaving much less daylight to enjoy our beloved game. Because of this, it would be a good time to consider tracer BB pellets, which can help you to see your bb’s flight path more clearly.

Practical Snow Loadouts

Airsoft kit.

When choosing clothing for your skirmishes, an important thing to remember is the practicality of the equipment. Make sure your clothing has enough pockets and spaces to fit in all ammo and weapons you might need out on the field, including replacements and extras! It is imperative that you take the weather into account when creating your snow loadout.

Extra weapons for Snow Loadout

It’s been noted that many airsoft players notice a decrease in battery effectiveness and also green gas canister efficiency because of the cold weather. Because of this, it’s worth taking an extra spare battery and considering your choice of Gas pressure, switching up your gas choice can keep some gas guns going in all but the coldest months. Some guns have important parts made from rubber which does not cope well with the cold, if it takes a few minutes for your hop rubber to warm up, now you understand why!


Airsoft Gun

When we think about camouflage, we often think of greens and browns, but what about when you need camouflage in the winter? Swapping your regular camouflage for ‘snow’ coloured camouflage can work wonders for the effectiveness of your loadout in winter. This is something definitely worth considering when you’re putting together your ideal snow loadout.


Whilst some people wear protective gloves all year round, in winter, gloves are even more important! Protect your extremities and you will have a much better day. When you get cold everything starts to slow down and the one thing you don’t want slowing down is your trigger finger!

Thermal Layers

If there is one thing we all could use in winter, it’s some thermal layers, and when it comes to airsoft, thermal layers can be our best friend. Simply layer them on underneath your waterproofs to keep yourself snug and dry. Have a look at adding some thermals into your snow loadout to keep yourself toasty. However, remembering that the sun can still shine in winter will affect your choice in material. Ideally, you want something breathable as layers, so if you do work up a sweat; it has somewhere to escape!

Weatherproof Material

When you’re outside in the wet weather playing airsoft, you ideally want something that is going to keep the cold out and also the damper weather. Although most combat clothing isn’t waterproof, it is easy just to throw a poncho over the top in order to keep playing. Ideally, your loadout will also be windproof too, protecting you from all of the outside elements.

Sturdy Boots

It’s important to get sturdy outdoor boots for a snow loadout, as being outside can be tricky on the ankles at the best of times, let alone when a blanket of snow is covering the unknown. Make sure they offer ankle support and are protected from adverse weather conditions. Whilst the boots don’t need to be waterproof, it can definitely help. They can also be breathable as to let the sweat escape. We’d suggest pairing a great pair of boots with warm socks to keep your feet toasty this winter.

Person playing airsoft wearing camouflage, helmet and full mask

Protective Accessories

When you’re outside and the weather is difficult, it’s time to get some protective accessories on to limit any potential injuries. Protective gear such as knee pads and elbow pads can keep you safe if any unfortunate slips were to happen in the winter weather. We’ve recently written a series about protective clothing for different body parts, you can find them here:

Legs, Feet & Groin

Arms, Hands & Torso

Face, Neck & Head

If you do this right you can lay prone on a layer of snow without feeling the cold!

From airsoft guns to all kinds of airsoft accessories, here at Surplus, we have everything you need for a snow loadout fit for a king!

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