Airsoft forest environment

Airsoft also offers people a great opportunity to burn off some energy and get exercise, while doing something enjoyable. Because of this, we are seeing more and more new players come into the sport, therefore, we have highlighted some crucial tips in this article that you should bear in mind if you’re new to the world of airsoft. That said, even if you’re a more experienced player, there may be something here you’ve overlooked in the past, so make sure you read on!

Protective Equipment

Never take off your protective gear (especially eyewear) at any point, even in respawn areas. Taking off your protective equipment could lead to injury which is something we all want to avoid during airsoft! Remember, if you’re playing in an indoor arena, this likelihood will only increase as there are more structures positioned closer together, meaning a BB could ricochet and catch you in the face. If you need to adjust your protective wear, make sure you’re a clear distance away from the arena (where possible) before removing anything. If you need to clear your eyes of dust, an eyelash or you’ve fogged up get back to the safe zone before removing or adjusting your eyepro!

Using Cover

Be smart when using cover. This rings especially true for indoor players as it’s common to see two players use the same piece of cover which is only suitable for one person, leaving the second player exposed. This also applies to objects like barrels and boxes that look big enough for one person but don’t really offer enough protection. Decision making is a key component of airsoft and some things you will only learn from experience, but we’d usually recommend playing it safe with cover and not pushing too aggressively leaving yourself exposed. But at the same time don’t get bogged down and stuck in cover, we’ve seen games lost because a full team thinks their stuck in cover, you can respawn, make them work for it!


Where team games are concerned, working together as one unit will offer a more likely route to success. One of the most vital components of team play is clear communication with each other. Using radios, or plain and simple shouting can offer benefits and help the team work together for the victory. Letting teammates know where opponents are or giving backup if they are in a tough spot, can be the difference between winning and losing. Be aware, sometimes this can give away your position but the reward typically outweighs the risk.

Airsoft player crouching


Overshooting is an ambiguous term but basically means intentionally continuing to shoot a player even after they have been hit, which can be both painful and annoying for the recipient. Again, this is something that comes with experience that you will start to pick up as you play more games and more frequently. New players have the potential to be a bit trigger happy and want to spray fire their new toy, which can cause injuries for other players if you’re landing more than three hits at a time. A good rule of thumb to follow, double tap (or very short bursts) opponents for hit verification and if a player is consistently not calling hits, let the ref/marshall know. Using different voltage batteries, you can adjust the fire settings on most airsoft rifles, meaning you’ll have a lower fire rate and won’t be burning through ammunition.


Something to bear in mind as you enter into your first few combats is that airsoft is a very three-dimensional game. This sounds obvious but it’s something that new players can often take for granted. Having good situational awareness and knowing your surroundings is key with this game and can really level up your combat skills. Looking around and checking your angles frequently will decrease the likelihood of being seen and shot and increase your chances of spotting enemies.

Airsoft player with rifle

Team Members

Following from the communication tip, we’d recommend keeping regular tabs on your teammates so that you’re not shooting off ahead and leaving them behind, or the other way around. Play the style of your team and make sure you know where they are as you never know when you’ll need some covering fire!

Off-Handed Shooting

With the majority of players shooting right-handed, it can often come as a surprise when you encounter left-handed players and can throw the opposing team off balance. However, if you’re right-handed, you can practise shooting off-handed so you’ll become skilled with both left and right-handed weapon fire. This offers two immediate benefits, the first is that you’ll become a more versatile player and be able to provide support for your teammates where other single-handed players may not. The second benefit is that you’ll be able to take shots that your opponents don’t expect, firing from angles that they won’t expect right-handed players to make.

If you’re an experienced airsofter, let us know your top tips for beginners so we can add them to our next article! Get in touch on Facebook and Twitter!